An Afternoon with Engage Academy

I must never relinquish control.

The above phrase is one that has been echoing in my mind since yesterday. I know what you’re thinking, “yikes, this chick is a total control freak”, but I promise, this is the kind of control we all want to hold onto. Control of your mind. Control of your thoughts. Control of your life.

Yesterday, the FlipperSmack team had the privilege of joining Chris Himel for an afternoon with Engage Academy. Engage is a motivational series that aims to help participants understand and influence others, expand their network and gain certainty.

Our team went to our first Engage event without knowing much of what to expect. Full disclosure: I wasn’t super stoked on it. (Sorry Chris) When I heard that controlling my emotions was the topic, I thought “yeah right”. Some other things that went through my mind on the drive up:

So what, this Chris character is going to lecture me for 90 minutes?
What kind of food is going to be there?
What makes him think he can control my emotions when I can’t even control them myself?
I have like a million more important things to do at the office.
I’m going to have to do the whole stand-up-and-introduce-myself thing, aren’t I?

Ok, fast forward. We’re at the Salem Centre and I see Chris. (I know it’s him because I’ve already stalked him on social media. It’s a millennial thing.) His electric personality was enough to ease many of many doubts straight away. He introduced himself and hugged me – which I appreciate because I’m totally a hugger and it cut out the awkward can-I-hug-this-person moment that I have all too often.

As suspected, we began with introductions. Standard. Expected. What wasn’t expected was the Engage style introductions. We were asked to give our name, greatest accomplishment of the last month and celebrity crush. I appreciated the positivity that came with sharing an important accomplishment and I also appreciated the opportunity to talk about (and picture in my mind) Channing Tatum.

As the afternoon persisted, I was relieved to know that this wasn’t a lecture. It wasn’t someone telling me how to live my life or how to control my emotions. Rather, it was someone giving me all the tools and motivation I needed to figure all that out on my own. It was open communication between Chris and my peers at the event. It was reading aloud and standing up (which was good because I had only had 2 cups of coffee thus far).

I learned that bad things happen. To everyone. All the time. And that’s ok! Want to know why? Because we have all the ability to turn them into something good. Something positive. Something amazing. All that is possible if
I never relinquish control of my own mind.

On the list of affirmations Chris gave us, one stood out to me in particular – “I know what is best for me.” Simple, yes, but powerful.

This post could go on forever with all the things I took away from my afternoon with Chris and Engage Academy, but instead, I’ll give you the link to his site (here) and let you check out an event for yourself! Thanks again to Chris for having us – we are looking forward to making it out for more events!


p.s. The food was super yummy….

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