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So, we’ve already covered that whole “Me?? An Influencer??!” thing — We defined the term Influence and reminded you that you have Influence and therefore are an Influencer. As an Influencer, you are available to partner with Brands. Now the question becomes, how does one partner with Brands?

FlipperSmack is the platform that allows Brands to find the Influencers that directly reach their audience. Now, I know what you’re thinking – How do I get chosen by the Brands I love? Answer: Build your own Brand. Brand yourself.

The beauty of Influencer Marketing is in its transparency. Brands seek out Influencers who are generically reaching the people in their target demographic. The review is genuine because it’s a product that the Influencer would naturally use. For example, if you are a blogger and a vegetarian, odds are, many of your posts are centered around vegetarian friendly places and products. Those posts attract others living a similar lifestyle and looking for reviews on products that fit that lifestyle. When a Brand that boasts vegetarian friendly products is looking for Influencers, they will gravitate towards Influencers that will benefit and appreciate their Brand.

Now the fun part – Branding yourself. You know what you like. For me, its coffee, craft cocktails and vegetarian food trucks. When working with a Brand, I want to be sure that the product is something that aligns with my favorite things. If Omaha Steaks approached me, I would have to turn down a partnership. Why? Because my followers know that I’m a vegetarian and reviewing a company like Omaha Steaks risks losing my credibility and transparency. To attract the “right” Brands for my persona, I use my profile. Keywords in particular.

If you check out my profile, you’ll see keywords matching those I listed above. Think of it as your own personal form of SEO. When a new company signs on to market their new Vegetarian food truck, they will use the keyword search functionality. Typing in “Vegetarian” will populate a list of profiles who have mentioned the word “vegetarian” in their “About Me” section. The following list is the keywords listed in my profile aimed to attract Brands that fit my lifestyle:

St. Augustine, Florida



Local music

Craft cocktails




Baltimore, Maryland


Old Bay


Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine

Food Truck



The more complete your profile is, the higher you will be on Brand search results. It’s just that simple. Build your profile using keywords that will attract your favorite Brands.

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