It’s pretty difficult to build a database using only the people you know or see around the neighborhood … that’s where we come in!

To build a business, there needs to be customers. To have a successful blog, there must be an audience. We all post on our social media sites so that we can share what is important to us and the people that will see it. We build by sharing.

Building a good reputation can be difficult, if no one knows about your site, recently invented product, great new service or even your store. One review at a time helps, but do you know where those reviews come from? What if you could choose your influencers?

FlipperSmack happens! When you work together, you allow someone else to see the beauty in your business the way you intend. Your message, your branding, your way.

By building relationships with influencers a brand can work in unison to create campaigns and build rapport for what is sure to become a long term relationship. Listening to a community has never been easier. FlipperSmack creates the opportunity for a brand to take their influencers of today and turn them into the advocates and ambassadors of tomorrow built on a trusted partnership.

Group Smiling

Is it important for influencers to build relationships with brands?
We think so! Its the great products and services that people learn about every day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, that prompt us to try something new.

Having relevant, fresh content is what makes the social world go round. FlipperSmack is your ticket to getting discovered by some of your absolute faves as well as new brands that you haven’t even seen…yet!


FUN FACT: 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile. Build a relationship with these users and watch your business grow!