Can You Hear Me Now?

If we stand up on a soapbox and scream at the top our lungs that we LOVE Oreo’s will that make you want to buy some?  Will it make you crave them? Do you take action, jump up out of your seat, get in your car, go to the store and buy some Oreos, just because we yelled, “I LOVE OREO’S,” loud enough for the whole world to hear?

At FlipperSmack, we don’t think you do. Tell us if we’re wrong, but we think it takes just a little bit more.

The reason we are bringing this up today is because of a little conversation that Monica overheard last night at a fancy-pants restaurant in Laguna Beach. The dinner was over and the dessert menu was presented to Monica and several new FlipperSmack Influencers. While they pondered the delectable options that were described with all the flowery, mouth-watering words only used by the restaurants where desserts start at $22, two waiters were talking to each other within ear shot. Guess what they were talking about?


One waiter was describing his afternoon on the beach – post surf and exhausted. It seems that a kid had stopped at the beach on his way home from school to partake in his unfinished lunch from earlier that day and decided to sit down next to this “surfer.” While both gazed out on the line-up of stellar waves crashing on the shore, the kid pulled a bag from his lunchbox, asking the surfer if he was hungry? Of course, anyone that has spent any time on the water knows how hunger can sneak up on them, so he replied accordingly.

The waiter went on to describe his interaction with the kid on the beach and the sandwich bag filled with Oreo’s. These cookies had, as the waiter stated, “the perfect combination of chocolatey crunch and creamy filling, the kind of flavors that take you back to when you were a kid, with no worries in the world.” Apparently they had never tasted better and while comparing the many different ways to enjoy the prized cookie, the kid and the surfer began a friendship. They both agreed to meet on the beach the next day and the kid promised to bring more Oreo’s.

The waiter didn’t know he had been overheard, but when his coworker came over to take the dessert order, no-one ordered a dessert. Instead, the table of 6 went to the store next door, bought some Oreo’s and headed down to the sand to listen to the surf. As they strolled along the beach, each one of them talked about an Oreo-memory from their childhood, college days and even pregnancy cravings. This was the best dessert with the best company on the best beach last night.

So we ask, can a cookie transcend time?

It did for them, last night. And that’s some pretty serious Influence!

Imagine if the waiter had told this story on one of his social media platforms or shared it with an image of the two new friends on the beach with a bag full of Oreo’s? We know Nabisco would love it!

Even when you think no one is listening, they are. When you assume no one is paying attention to you, think again. Tell some stories about the products you love, learn about new brands and make them come to life – it’s a lot of fun! Making connections is what FlipperSmack is all about and we’re pretty sure that 2017 will be the year for many great relationships to be formed, just like the surfer and the kid.

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