Why go a day without connecting to someone that loves your brand? For that matter, why go another day without reaching out to someone that may be waiting to learn about your product or service? You don’t have to wait any longer, FlipperSmack has arrived.

Pure kismet and it’s as simple as 1..2..3..


Use keywords that you think might be used by the people that use your product. Let us explain…

So, let’s say you own a restaurant – I mean, we all eat!!

Choose the current or potential customers that you want to help spread the word about their experience with your establishment. Think about what you need. Is it more diners on Tuesday nights? More lunch business on Fridays? More families from Jacksonville? Bigger groups? An increase in take out orders? The decision is in your hands, not an agency that is not familiar with your daily business.

Ok – now you’ve narrowed it down to MORE FAMILIES on TUESDAY NIGHTS, so let’s start there.
You’ve noticed in the past that one family comes in every Tuesday and the little boy has a soccer uniform on.

Woman looks up

In the keyword search bar, enter a few keywords, like:
kids soccer Jacksonville

You will be connected to anyone on the FlipperSmack platform that writes about kids soccer in Jacksonville. Now it’s simply up to you to connect.


That was easy, now what?

Once you reach out to the connections you have chosen, wait for a reply. Let them know that you want to offer them a meal or a coupon to come in and review your restaurant. Invite them to come in with their family, try some of your yummy food and write about it – spurring on their friends and family to join in the fun and try your awesome eatery for themselves!


Don’t stop now! You’ve made some new friends. These are RELATIONSHIPS that you want to last. What else can you offer them to be sure they become an ambassador for you?

This is where thinking out of the box makes you stand out!

What do you know already about your new customers? They love kids soccer. Great news, because that means they are part of a team, which is part of an even bigger league. Now it’s time to step up and figure out ways to get the whole team in on the fun. How about the end-of-season party with you? Or maybe offer discounted gift cards as coaches gifts? You might even want to consider becoming a sponsor of the local team.

This ensures loyalty and you can bet on more families every Tuesday night!!

You are officially “connected!”

Two hands connecting puzzle pieces


FUN FACT: 500,000,000,000 is the number of brand impressions each year generated by word-of-mouth marketing. Now is the time to connect to the influencers who will drive the impressions for your brand!