Create a Campaign?? I’d rather not …

So you’ve signed up for FlipperSmack (If you haven’t yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for …). Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to check out the site! I have an idea of what’s going through your mind …

Where am I?

What have I signed up for?

Who are all these people?

What the heck is a campaign?

Do I have to make one of those?

What if I don’t?


Trust me, we get it. FlipperSmack is a breed all its own. A unicorn if you will.


That being said, we made it easy for you to succeed on this platform. You just have to give us a chance. So let’s talk about what “campaign” means on the FlipperSmack platform. We know campaign can be a scary word – especially amongst a presidential election year – but, on FlipperSmack, campaigns aren’t scary … they’re fun!

Brands – you are the creator of campaigns! You have the power! OWN IT.

Got the Power

The beauty of the FlipperSmack platform is that you are in total control of the campaign you run and what you offer to your influencers. Also, which influencers you offer it to. Let’s put this into real terms.

Take Drinkable Arts. Drinkable Arts is a nationally-known brand that hosts parties during which attendees sip on some delicious vino and paint their own wine glass. Drinkable Arts also happens to be one of our very first FlipperSmack brands! (Go Drinkable Arts! You rock!)

Let’s take a look at their campaign. The first thing we needed to do was define a goal. So you ask yourself …

What results do I want to see from this campaign?

What will make me consider this campaign a success?

Who am I trying to reach?

For Drinkable Arts, that goal was 1.) More scheduled parties and events for the Jacksonville host and 2.) More Drinkable Arts representatives in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area to host their own parties and events. Now that we have that information locked dScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.23.22 PMown, we can figure out what kind of influencers we want to connect with. We decided that our target would be women in St. Augustine who are of drinking age.

Now is the fun part! We start the campaign! This is where the brand decides what they want to offer influencers so that they can experience their brand and share it with their peers/followers. Our Jacksonville Drinkable Arts rep decided that the best way to show off the brand was to invite influencers to a private event, free of charge. This way, the influencers can fully understand the brand and portray the Drinkable Arts fun to their followers! And just like that, a campaign is born.

Next, you will want to decide which type of campaign you want to run – because on FlipperSmack, you have three options: Public, Private and Hidden.

A Private Campaign will populate on the campaigns page, but will be accessible via invite only. You, campaign admin, will outline the details of the offer to your influencers and then, using keyword search, will select the influencers that best fit your end goal and invite them to join your campaign.

A Hidden Campaign works the same as a private campaign, except will not populate on the campaigns page. Only campaign admins and those invited will be able to see the name/details of the campaign.

Influencers! This is where you get to share in the campaign power! A Public Campaign will show on the campaign page and be available for influencers to discover and join on their own. As a brand, you would create the campaign and detail the campaign specifics. Once created, the campaign will populate on the campaign page with the option to “Join Campaign”. Once an influencer has joined, you can check out their profile and decide if they are the right influencers for you. With a public campaign, you will also have the option to invite influencers.

Not sure which campaign route is best? No worries! You can start with one and change as you see fit! No commitment necessary.

Ok, so you’ve created the campaign and invited influencers … now what? Now you use the campaign to communicate with your influencers! The beauty of FlipperSmack: you can do all communication through the platform! #winning

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.49.37 PM

This may seem like a whole lot of information to get the ball rolling, but we promise, once you try it once, you’ll be a pro!

Still not sure? Let us know! We are unicorn experts and we’re here to help!

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