Did You Like the Movie?

These are the 5 words that will change the way you view Influencer Marketing, forever.

As the founder of the first and only monthly-subscription platform for discovering and connecting Brands to Influencers, I am at the forefront of explaining Influencer Marketing.  Everyday.  I thought that I would need to explain this form of advertising to a few of the businesses that I ask to sign-up. Doesn’t it make sense that if someone is driven enough to start their own business they know what the word “Influence” means? Without a doubt they would know what “Marketing” means. Of course, they had to have a plan for introducing their unique product or service to the world.


I am in a constant state of explanation, until I use that tired but ever-so-robust phrase, “Word-of-mouth!” Que the “A-ha” moment. Now the business is interested. Perfect! They’re even more interested once I explain FlipperSmack. I digress and I’ll save that run-down for another post…. Let’s imagine the Brand is SOLD. They get-it.  They want it and they need it. Now onto the business of discovering a great Influencer and how will they do this? After all EVERY person on earth is an Influencer to someone.

My job – to fill a database with EVERYONE in the world! Now that’s an interesting concept. Have you ever thought about what that would entail? Well, it’s what I try to do every day. Obviously I have some work in front of me and I never thought that asking someone to fill out a FREE profile to become a FlipperSmack Influencer would be difficult.  After all, once they have a profile, Brands can discover them by using a keyword search, connect to them and build lasting relationships. What’s there to hesitate about? Sign-up already and get to partnering with some fabulous companies, everyone.  Become an advocate for brands you believe in. An ambassador for your most cherished and beloved brands. What could possibly keep you off of the FlipperSmack platform?

I bet you are confuddled about this, too. NO need to waste too much energy on it – because I figured it out!

The ONE and ONLY obstacle for EVERYONE is this insane inner voice telling them that no one actually hears their opinions. Our FlipperSmack team hears some variation of the following statement, everyday… “I’m not an Influencer, nobody listens to ME!”

WRONG. Again.

We ALL have a voice and we ALL have an audience.  It may be small, like your reclusive neighbor that has 12 friends on Facebook and only talks about her spoon collection or it can be grand, like Kardashian-Grand! It can be your 17-year-old son that teaches surfing and has 2400 Instagram followers or Ryan Seacrest with 1.5 million. There’s the soccer-mom with 400 friends on Facebook and the local book club of 23 fascinating ladies with a total of 28,001 friends. You get the picture.  We all have someone that is interested in hearing our point-of-view.

Explaining Influencer Marketing is getting easier with Brands, because if they don’t understand it, their closest competitor will.  Survival of the fittest, baby and print is dead! Growing a business by working with current customers, joining conversations instead of talking at potential customers and discovering new audiences by using the power of an Influencer is here.  To stay!

Explaining this same concept to Influencers only became easy for us as a team when we had our own eureka-moment. It came posed as a question when leaving a theater one evening.  A friend waiting in line for the next showing asked me if I liked the movie? That was my opportunity to INFLUENCE. I had only two options, “Yes, see it now or wait until you can Netflix and chill.” The movie was fantastic and had to be seen on the big screen for best effects, so I went with the, “You’ll love it,” option.  I just influenced my friend.  Now when we are tasked with explaining why we believe someone is an Influencer, all we have to say is, “Have you ever recommended a movie?”

Instant Lightbulb!  They are an Influencer and understand the power of their voice.  They know with this power comes great responsibility to be proactive for what they believe in and organically share this with their audience.  Word-of-mouth, 2016-style.

A little something to ponder… What came first, the chicken or the egg…the Brand or the Influencer? Personally, I battled with this for the last couple of years and came to one conclusion…the INFLUENCER!  Without them, why would a Brand sign up to use a platform for connecting? Who would they “discover and connect” to? Nothing should be stopping anyone any longer, it’s time to get your Influence on!

So tell everyone, “Did you like the movie?”

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