When you ENGAGE, you are involved. Becoming something larger than your posts or your brand is easy on our platform because we urge you to engage with one another.

At FlipperSmack, we want brands and influencers to become trusted members of the communities that they are part of and join new groups of like-minded consumers, friends, co-workers and family members by becoming engaged. We believe that by engaging, you are opening up to new ideas, companies, products, services and most importantly, people.

Engage with someone new and find out for yourself what can happen with your word-of-mouth POWER!! We like to say a little collaboration goes a long way, now let us prove it. This is your chance to use teamwork to become the marketing star, we know you are.

Hands In

Instead of listening and watching people post about your product or the industry that you are in, wouldn’t it be nice to actually engage with these individuals and groups? Start some conversations and watch your community grow, exponentially!

FlipperSmack is here to help you discover, connect and engage.


FUN FACT: 92% of people trust recommendations from a friend over any other form of advertising. Engage with the influencers trusted by your community of customers.