Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

As some of you may have heard, we recently had a hurricane hit our little seaside town. Hurricane Matthew to be exact. Matthew tore through St. Augustine showing no mercy and leaving destruction in his wake. Residents were evacuated and watched their social media timelines fill with pictures and videos of what was once the scenic Bayfront turn into a raging river. We watched The Tini Martini Bar wash away and wondered if we would have homes and jobs to come back to and if we did, what shape they would be in.

In the week that followed, the water had receded and power has been restored, but now, instead of driving to work and admiring the beauty of our town, we see the curbs littered with people’s belongings. Their furniture and clothes. The drywall they had to rip out to avoid mold. The piles and piles of debris that seem to keep growing. As local businesses began to assess the damages many learned that it could be weeks or even months before they will be able to go back to work.


But, there is a silver lining to all this devastation. Watching our community come together to help those affected by the storm has been nothing short of inspiring. Community members have volunteered supplies, clothes, time and even places to live to help ease the loss that many came back to. Businesses are hosting events to help put some money back in the pockets of those out of work. Local artists are donating their designs and t-shirt companies are printing shirts to sell for hurricane relief. I’ve never been prouder to be a member of the St. Augustine community family.

So how does this relate to influencer marketing? So glad you asked! (You had to know I was going to tie influencer marketing in at some point … )

You see, influencer marketing is what led to the success of all this community outreach. Allow me to explain …

Last night, a local business, The Colonial Quarter, opened their event venue to host the bartenders and musicians from Tradewinds, who have been out of work since Matthew passed through. What a great idea, right? Here’s where the influencers come in. This event was thrown together relatively quickly. There was no time for fliers or announcements in the paper. The success of this event was based entirely on people spreading the word.

Word-of-mouth marketing is what made this event a success. End of story.

An entire event, with a tremendous turnout was built and executed with nothing but good, old fashioned word-of-mouth – with the added modern twist of social media. It should make you wonder why businesses spend so much money on print advertisements with no proven ROI. Or commercials that everyone can fast forward through.

The issue some businesses find with this type of marketing is finding the right influencers to promote their business. After all, if I own a Steakhouse, I wouldn’t exactly want a Vegan to promote my business. That’s just silly.

What if there was a search engine that you could use to find the influencers in your area that directly and organically reach your target audience? Even better, what if you could use said search engine to reach out to these influencers? Seems like it would save a WHOLE lot of Google time, huh? But wait, we do have that!

FlipperSmack was built solely around the concept of word-of-mouth by a mom-inventor who wasted way too much time on Google trying to find someone, anyone who could market her product. So, give it a try! The first month’s free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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