Finding Reasons NOT to Use Influencer Marketing?

It should come as no surprise that we are BIG fans of Influencer Marketing. We may even go as far as saying it’s the only way to market. Print ads? Dead. TV commercials? Dead. Radio? Do people still listen to the radio? (No. They don’t.) To us, implementing Influencer Marketing into your marketing plan is a no-brainer, but still some companies don’t use it. Or try it once and then go back to traditional advertising. That being said, we figure it’s time to talk about why Brands choose not to use Influencer Marketing.

Let’s start with perhaps the most obvious reason Brands struggle with Influencer Marketing. Finding the right Influencers. This is half the battle, after all. The key to Influencer Marketing is finding someone who has influence over others (duh), but also someone who fits into the demographic of your Brand and has followers that fit into that demographic. Otherwise, what is the point? Sure, I can search Google for bloggers in Jacksonville, Florida, but how long will it take to figure out if they are blogging about something relevant to your Brand? (Answer: A while. A long while.) The premise behind the phenomenon of Influencer Marketing is transparency. We trust Influencers because they work with Brands that coincide with their likes and lives. Finding the right ones is CLUTCH.

Ok, so you’ve found the perfect Influencer(s). Yay! Now you must work out the specifics. Yikes. Payment and contracts and agreements … oh my! This can be a very challenging aspect of Influencer Marketing, especially for small businesses. Agency fees alone can be enough to scare Brands away from Influencer Marketing. We all know how this works – the Brand gives something away to an Influencer and in return, the Influencer shares their experience with their followers. This part of Influencer Marketing is often enough to scare businesses away. We know that no one likes to give things away for free. Small Brands often can’t afford to give away much at all and that’s ok! By choosing a promotional item that encompasses what makes your Brand unique, you don’t have to give away the house to show an Influencer what your Brand is all about! It’s all about the control you have over your Influencer Marketing campaign.

Now we have the perfect Influencers and we have the perfect promotional item that works within our budget and shows others how awesome our Brand is – so, how do we know if this campaign was a success? How do you measure ROI? What is ROI?? Did that Influencer hold up their end of the bargain?? #sendhelp Once you decide to delve into the incredible world of Influencer Marketing, one of the first things to check off your list is the creation of a post calendar. Once an agreement is reached between a Brand and an Influencer, throw it on a post calendar so you know exactly which Influencer should be talking about your Brand and when! Keeping an open line of communication with your Influencers and be sure to ask them what their preferred method of contact is – this way, if any issues arise, you know exactly how to move forward. And ROI? Check out our thoughts on discount codes!

That’s the bad news. That’s why people don’t use the most powerful marketing tool at their disposal. Ready for the good news?? FlipperSmack built a platform designed to combat all of that!

Finding the right Influencer? Check.

Allow Brands and Influencers to create and manage their own campaigns? Check.

Cut out costly agency fees? Check.

A platform to manage Influencer relationships? CHECK! (Spoiler alert: FlipperSmack’s own post calendar is in the works, but in the meantime, we recommend checking out this Marketing Campaign template and how to use it!)

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