FlapperJack, was it?

FlipperSnack, FlapperSmack, FlipperJack. We’ve heard it all and we get it. FlipperSmack is not the most common name for a company. Sure, we could have gone generic and included the word influence in our company name. Or we could have used some market buzz words. But, come on, where is the fun in that!?

My name is Bridget. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. My entire life I have repeatedly been called Brittany. Or Brooke. Sometimes even Blair. The good news is that correcting people time after time didn’t stop me from loving my name. It’s unique and it’s me.

That is just how we feel about the name FlipperSmack. Sure, people are going to butcher it a little in the beginning, but eventually it will be a household name. We’re sure of it. And it suits us. We are a unicorn. A breed all our own and we are here to democratize the world of marketing. It just doesn’t seem fair to give a company like that a generic, boring, common name.

I would assume that naming a company is pretty similar to naming a baby. After all, FlipperSmack is our baby. Saying that we went through a few names before landing on FlipperSmack is an understatement. We ran name choices by family and friends. We used Google to make sure a company of the same name didn’t already exist. We even yelled it out the back door a couple times, for good measure. FlipperSmack just fit.

You may have seen our synopsis of why the name FlipperSmack suits us, but if not, here it is again:

For dolphins and whales the sound of a flipper smack can be heard, underwater, several hundred meters from the site of the slap. It becomes a form of non-verbal communication used by our brothers and sisters of the sea. It is this kind of communication, that reaches thousands of marine creatures, that inspired a platform designed to connect thousands of brands with the perfect influencers.

I mean, how perfectly does that describe our brand?! So, we’ll take the butchering and the hesitant people calling and asking for FlipperSmack. We’ll take the constant questions about how such a unique name came about. We’ll even take the haters. After all, Kleenex meant nothing to people when the brand began and now, rather than asking for a tissue, you ask for a Kleenex. Am I right?!

So, cheers to unique names, cheers to influencer marketing and cheers to FlipperSmack!

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