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As a business owner, you are no stranger to the pressure that comes with marketing. Budgets. Ad design. Reach. I mean, you drop a few hundred dollars on an ad in a local magazine — but, how do you know:

  • Who sees it?
  • Has anyone seen it?
  • Did you just throw money in the trash?

It’s no wonder so many brands consider marketing a 4-letter word. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Marketing your brand does not have to be a challenge. Free yourself from the fear of marketing and learn to love promoting your business.

Speaking of challenges — remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Word-of-mouth has never been so powerful.

Word-of-mouth has never been so powerful.

It’s been TWO whole years since The Ice Bucket Challenge broke the internet?? It seems like just yesterday that my newsfeed was flooded with videos of my friends and families dousing themselves, or in some cases being doused, with ice cold water. On purpose! While I remember the hilarious blooper reels of Ice Bucket Challenges going terribly wrong, I also remember the people who were against the concept. The haters. The ones who thought that pouring ice water on your head was a waste of time and could certainly not help those who suffer from ALS or their families.

Now, we are ALL the media.

Now, we are ALL the media.

Fast forward to today. The Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 MILLION in just EIGHT WEEKS. Whoa. (For those of you who don’t remember, opting “in” meant dumping ice water on your head and donating a small amount to ALS or opt “out” and donate an even larger amount.) That tremendous amount of money raised went into ALS research and, to date, has led to the discovery of 3 genes linked to ALS! Now tell me that isn’t some fantastic news. We are one step closer to stopping the horrific effects of ALS.

So what does this have to do with FlipperSmack and why the heck am I rambling on about another “random” topic? Influencer Marketing. That’s why.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a PRIME example of Influencer Marketing and the power it holds. Think back to the way the Ice Bucket Challenge worked. You were nominated by a “friend” to dump ice water on your head in the name of ALS. Then, you nominated three additional people to complete the challenge. That is word-of-mouth. THAT is influence.

You heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge from a friend, you did it (because if you didn’t you’d be super lame) and then told three friends about it. And guess what … it BROKE THE INTERNET!

(Fun Fact: The term “Break the Internet” was coined the same year as the Ice Bucket Challenge)

Can you imagine what the same concept could do for your business?? ESPECIALLY if you get to hand-pick the people who are telling their friends about your brand. Now, Influencer Marketing, or Word-of-Mouth Marketing, is no new concept. We didn’t invent it and we haven’t changed it, we’ve just made it easier for you to succeed at it!

Sign up today and watch your brand break the internet 😉

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