Lions and Tigers and Bad Reviews … Oh My!

As a business owner, do you ever look at your online reviews and think – “Wow! These reviews don’t do my business any justice at all!”?

You aren’t alone.

Through years and years of slaving away in the service industry, one thing I learned is that people are far more motivated to write reviews when they are angry than when they have had a good experience. SO frustrating, right??




But, it is what it is. There’s nothing businesses can do about it.


This is where Influencers come into play. Let Influencers be your savior.

With Influencer Marketing, you work out the specifics and get to show everyone the best of your Brand.

Let me lay it out for you:

1. Choose what you want to highlight about your business. Maybe you own a local restaurant and want to spread the word about a new menu item. Maybe you own a boutique and got a shipment from a new designer.
2. Now, find an Influencer that reaches consumers in your area. How? FlipperSmack … duh.
3. Present the offer to the Influencer and let them know what you expect from them in return. For example, you provide a $50 gift card to the Influencer you have chosen and in turn, they

Let’s say your restaurant had some bad reviews on Yelp and you want to boost your average. As part of your Influencer deal, you extend an offer to the Influencer you chose and in return, you ask that they post a review on their social media accounts, Yelp included. They can then extend a discount code to their followers that is redeemable with a new review!

By communicating with this network of Influencers, you are free to showcase the amazing things you already know your brand has to offer. We all make mistakes. Things happen that are often out of a business owner’s control. A Yelp review average could be brought down after just a few negative reviews posted after a super busy night or a night when someone called out unexpectedly causing a domino effect of issues. Why should businesses have to live with that when they are SO much more than one bad night.

Talk to us about making those reviews work for you, not against you!

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