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Our bet is YES and YES!!!

No matter which side of the coin you are on – brands looking for influencers or influencers looking for brands to work with – FlipperSmack is the answer.

FlipperSmack Influencers

Fill out a profile and be sure to list all of your hobbies and interests.
If you are a mom blogger, you are obviously great at writing about parenting and your kids but we are betting that you do a lot more than just “mom.” Do you love coffee? Have a green thumb or love making smoothies? Tell us! Be sure to include the fact that you are an amateur photographer, spend your weekends hiking and love to go antiquing once a month. We count 8 keywords that you can include…and you thought you were only a mom-blogger??

With those 8 keywords in your profile, who knows what great companies will want to reach out to you, introducing their brand and hoping to build a lasting relationship! It could be an amazing new local coffee shop that imports their beans direct from Columbia or a gardening store with a new product line they want you to try. If you’re lucky we may be the platform that introduces you to the manufacturer of your next camera or possibly the company that wants to send you a brand new blender for all those smoothies you keep posting about.

Join the communities of the brands you love and the companies that intrigue you.

FlipperSmack Brands

You have a profile, too – so be sure to fill it out!
You’ve heard us say this before, but the sky truly is the limit, here. Use keywords to find all those brand advocates that are out there, talking about your business along with influencers that have never heard of your brand, YET.

Who will you discover? We’re pretty sure you’ll be busier than ever with the amount of influencers we have on our platform. We’ve got you covered, and we’re not only talking about millennials or seniors, parents or kids, dog owners or dog walkers. Go ahead and search, see what you come up with.

FlipperSmack gives your company the opportunity to become the focus of the influencers that you choose. What are you waiting for? Start searching today!


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