Quick Start for Brands

There are endless ways to use influencer marketing. The following is just one effective and easy way to get started. This method is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, decide on one noteworthy product or service. Pick one thing that makes you stand out. You may be tempted to pick many things, but stick with one at a time. A focused message will get the best results. You can do this again with something new as soon as you like. The offer you decide on is your ‘campaign’.

Second, search FlipperSmack members for influencers that reflect your target market. You are looking for influencers that you think would find your offer to be intriguing.

Third, invite your chosen influencers to your campaign and work out the details with them. Influencer marketing really is just that easy. Next, you can do the same thing over again with a different product or service.

Quick Start Example

Let’s say your business is Momma’s Big Pizza Joint. You’ve just added something noteworthy to your menu and you want to get the word out. You know if people try your pizza they’ll be hooked.

  1. You’ve just added Alligator Pizza to your menu. You know it’s noteworthy, but you also know it really is a delicious pizza. If you can get people talking about it, the word will spread.
  2. Your target market is families involved in sports. You search FlipperSmack members for ‘soccer’, ‘lacrosse’, ‘football’, or any sport taking place now. You’ll find students, moms, and coaches with 100’s of people following their social media.
  3. Offer a few of your chosen influencers a free pizza night if their first slice is your alligator pizza. Let them know you’d like a video, post, or social media review (depends on their main following) for your restaurant.

This example would mean that hundreds or thousands of people would see someone they like and follow eating something interesting – alligator pizza. If a student with hundreds of social media friends posted ‘I tried Alligator Pizza’ – their friends would want to know about it.

This is the kind of campaign can spread over and over again past your initial partners. It’s interesting, it’s fun, and everyone involved benefits.

Now it’s time for YOU to start getting results. What is YOUR noteworthy offering?

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