Reputation Management? No thanks, we have influencers!

It’s not uncommon for large companies to house an entire department attributed to marketing. And why not? Marketing is important! VERY important! The problem, however, lies within our small businesses who aren’t able to bring on a team of marketers or even outsource to an agency. It seems so unfair. How are our small businesses supposed to survive with such a small marketing budget?
Great news! You already have the best marketers around … your customers! Those people you see regularly and care about your brand. After all, who better to promote your brand than a loyal customer??
In the words of our brilliant founder, Monica: “You believe in your business enough to open the doors every morning. You should also believe that having your brand supporters rallying around you and helping to spread your message is the only form of marketing that you need.”
Who needs a firm for Reputation Management, when your loyal brand advocates do it every day, because of their authentic love of you and your business?
We are here to help you do just that — connect to the people who will love your brand. Get the ripples going!
wave of influence

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