The Silver Bullet

Influencer Marketing busted onto the Marketing scene and has been on a fast and furious incline ever since. I’d even be so bold as to say that it is the only form of marketing that makes sense. During this rapid incline, the landscape of Influencer Marketing has evolved and is continuing to do so. That being said – we need to remember the “Silver Bullet”. The thing that makes Influencer Marketing what it is. Authenticity.

As a business owner, it’s not surprising that you are used to having complete creative control. We get it. When the marketing world focused on print advertisements, it was super important to put strict guidelines on creative aspects of ads. I mean, you worked so hard on branding, you can’t have anyone messing it up! We totally get it. But, times are changing.

The first thing to remember is why you chose the Influencer you did. I’m willing to bet it had something to do with their following and engagement with their followers. Well, it’s their creative posts and engagement that brought all those followers in and kept them following! So, cut them some slack. They know what their followers want and react to better than anyone else. For instance, just because your social posts include a specific hashtag, doesn’t mean an influencer should be forced into using that hashtag. If they never use hashtags on their posts and are then forced to, their followers know that this was a scripted post and they quickly begin to lose their transparency and authenticity.

In addition to Influencers knowing their audience and their behaviors better than anyone else, giving some creative freedom to Influencers opens the door for results that may not have been achieved with the current creative practices in place.

Now that you know what the silver bullet of marketing is, the next step is finding just the right balance. The balance between allowing creative freedom while still ensuring that campaign goats are met and results are achieved. To help find that balance, check out some tips from Forbes!

  • Identify Your Campaign’s Core Goals: Every successful influencer marketing campaign begins with the end in mind. Consider your overarching goals for the campaign and don’t be afraid to share those goals with the influencers. Make it crystal clear that you’re looking to drive customers to the website, or to a local retailer. If the influencer is truly a great match for your brand, they will want to help you succeed.
  • Develop a Set of Content Guidelines: Although you should not outline a rigid structure each influencer must follow when working with your brand, you should outline and share a set of guidelines you’re looking to achieve. Explain to them the esthetic you are looking to achieve and consider showing them other pieces of content from influencers that have been successful. Guide them to the finish line but the influencer take the journey on their own.
  • Include a call-to-action: Without a call-to-action within your influencer marketing campaign you might as well have spent your money elsewhere. Ensure your call-to-action is crystal clear for each influencer you’re working with. Remember to hold back on extremely promotional calls-to-action that will be seen by audiences as false and unworthy of their time. Consider working with one influencer or a professional service like TapInfluence to help develop a successful call-to-action that still remains authentic.
  • Encourage Your Influencers to Have Fun: A relationship with an influencer is two-sided. It’s important to remember that you are often helping each other find success. With this in mind, after outlining your “non-negotiable” for your campaign, let your influencer interpret and imagine – inspire them to have fun with the project and to dream up other ideas and elements. This will help keep your campaign authentic but will also build a stronger relationship with your influencer. The authenticity will shine through in the final product.

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