What is FlipperSmack?

FlipperSmack is the place that you have been looking for, if you’re interested in growing your business, creating brand loyalty and cultivating the highly sought-after online social communities of engaged users. By simply filling out a quick profile you are taking the first steps to marketing freedom. FlipperSmack is finally democratizing marketing, by putting the word-of-mouth advertising choices in the hands of business owners, everywhere!

Fill out a profile. We dare you to discover.

We connect brands to influencers of all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for someone with a massive International following or are you looking for a local soccer mom? Do you want to find people that own dogs or iguanas? A female that travels or a male that cooks 5-star desserts? The possibilities are limitless at FlipperSmack. Let your imagination run wild, uncovering new customers that are excited to spread the word about your business.

New to Marketing?

Need a little help?

We can do that, too.

Check out our FAQ section and if you can’t find what you are looking for, shoot us an email or give us a call.

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