What We Do

We are so glad that you found us!

If you still have questions about what it is that we do – let us explain.

In a nutshell, FlipperSmack is the platform that connects brands to influencers. Not just the big brands. We love all companies. If you are a massage therapist working to build a clientele, we get it. There isn’t a huge budget for marketing. With FlipperSmack a huge budget isn’t necessary, but a desire to grow your business is essential. For a low monthly fee you will have access to our growing database of influencers, ready to become your personal brand advocates.

Main Street brick and mortar shops, restaurants and online stores have a tough enough time with marketing and advertising. Our platform allows influencers the opportunity to fill out a profile and describe themselves, their likes and their unique hobbies and interests. These keywords in each profile are searchable by businesses on our platform.

There is no guessing if someone has a dog and could use your new petsitting service. Simply enter your requirements in the search bar, including location. By entering Jacksonville dog friendly beaches, you will find anyone in our network that has those words in their profile.

What’s stopping you now? Connect with them and start a conversation. But be prepared….your business is about to grow!!