Who Should use FlipperSmack?

That’s a great question and to be honest with you, we can’t think of anyone that shouldn’t. Let’s start by asking you a few questions.

Are you a business, product or service? If so, ask yourself these questions and you will know if FlipperSmack is for you.

Are you interested in growing your business?

Do you want to engage with your customers and clients online?

Are you frustrated with your engagement results on the social media platforms that you currently use, like Facebook?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, FlipperSmack is for you!

What makes me a brand?

A brand is a product or service that you are looking to promote. The brand is what encompasses all things you are displaying to a consumer.

Are you an influencer or blogger?

Do you care about the relevance of your posts?

Are you always looking for fresh content to write about?

Is keeping your audience engaged and interested important to you?

Do you enjoy trying new products and services?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, FlipperSmack is for you!

How do we define influence, at FlipperSmack?

FlipperSmack defines influence as the ability an individual has to communicate their experiences to their peers. Whether good or bad, when you share experiences you are influencing someone’s behavior. Any communication in this regard is thus considered influence.

How do I know if I am an influencer?

At FlipperSmack, we see everyone as an influencer. No matter if you share your experiences in person, via email or on social media, discussing your purchases in any facet makes you an influencer.

Can I be both?

Absolutely! A blogger, for example, is both a brand and an influencer. Their blog is the brand they support and promote and all-the-while have tremendous influence over their readers.

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